Thursday, January 26, 2017

Richie Dean

(From Parker Mortuary)

Richard L. Dean, age 50, passed away on December 31, 2016 in Kingman, Arizona due to kidney and liver failure.

Richie was born August 2, 1966 in Carthage, Missouri. He attended Parkwood High School in Joplin and graduated in 1984. He played football and in a 1983 state play-off game he blocked a punt which Parkwood scored on. Defensive coach, Mickey Heatherly said "the smartest thing I did was to put Richie Dean in the game". He was a starter thereafter. That was his proudest moment at Parkwood High.

I would like to thank, and acknowledge, Lee and Judy Marcum, of Joplin, for adopting Richie and brother, Randy, so they could finish school at Parkwood. They made his proudest moment possible.

He is survived by his stepfather, John Clay and mother, Paula Clay; father, David Dean, of Joplin; sister, Angela Ramirez; niece, Adriana Ramirez and nephew, Alex Ramirez of Joplin; brother Randy Dean and nephew, David Dean of Noel, Mo.

His father, having nicknames for most, called him "Bones". He liked being called "Bones".

He was cremated in Arizona and will be buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Webb City, Missouri with his grandma and grandpa, Donald and Dorothy Dean.

He will have a memorial service at Parker Mortuary Saturday, January 28th at 1:00 P.M.

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